specializing in

water restoration


Hedin Environmental is an environmental consulting firm specializing in assessing and remediating the effects of coal mining and acid mine drainage. Our projects include watershed assessments, restoration planning, passive treatment design, construction management, general technical assistance and the recovery of iron oxide. 

The company's founder, Dr. Robert Hedin, is one of the leading authorities on the treatment of mine drainage and the restoration of streams polluted by mine drainage. Our professional employees have over 50 years of combined mine drainage experience.  

Although most of our projects are in the coal fields of the Eastern US, our company has also become involved with passive treatment projects at hard rock and metal mine sites in the Western US and around the world.

Passive treatment is an evolving science and Hedin Environmental is on the cutting edge of technology development.  When appropriate, we implement innovative technologies into our restoration plans and projects. We are dedicated to the restoration of streams polluted by mine drainage and welcome the opportunity to solve your mine drainage issues.