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water restoration

Our Clients

Hedin Environmental serves a diverse group of clients. We work for non-profit organizations ranging from national organizatons such as Trout Unlimited, to regional organizations such as The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. We also have worked with dozens of small watershed groups committed to restoring polluted streams.

Our clients include large engineering firms that require mine drainage expertise, usually as part of a much larger project. Over the years we have worked with many large engineering firms such as GAI Consultants, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Nobis Engineering and AMEC Earth and Environmental.

We work for coal and metal mining companies in the US and around the world. A typical scope of work includes discharge characterization and the identification of treatment alternative and costs.

We consult with government agencies committed to the reclamaton of abandoned minelands. In Pennsylvania, we have completed dozens of projects on abandoned minelands with support from the Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation and the Department of Environmental Protection. We have worked with County Conservation Districts on the implementation of dozens of remedication projects. We have worked with regulatory agencies responsible for mine drainage treatment on bond forfeiture sites. We have also worked with the US Bureau of Land Management on AMD at abandoned silver mines in Idaho and with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation at a mining superfund site in Vermont.

In addition, we also provide expertise to law firms and bonding companies involved with bond forfeiture and mining disputes.